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A: Your rechargeable battery might be empty. Please make sure to charge the rechargeable battery fully before using.

A: Your ION-Sei toothbrush’s head might be not attached properly. Please try to remove the brush head, then again it correctly and attach firmly as far as it will go.

A: An electric toothbrush works differently than an ordinary toothbrush. If you are a first user, take some time to get used to your electric toothbrush. After a short period of familiarization, this effect should no longer be noticeable.

A: It is a normal automatic function as an indication to change the quadrant (see page 10 of the manual).

A: It has no charging current. Please check whether both USB cable plugs are mechanically secured. Plug the charger into the socket. If the USB socket from a different device is used, switch the device on.

A: It might be a charger or rechargeable battery faulty. The charger or the battery may be defective. Have the charger checked by a specialist dealer or contact us.

A: With a fully charged battery, your ION-Sei toothbrush should last 2-3 weeks with a standard use of 2 x per day. You do not need to charge your ION-Sei toothbrush on a daily basis.

A: We recommend you to replace your ION-Sei brush head after 3 months of use. Based on brushing twice a day for 2 minutes each session.

A: Please watch this instruction video how to remove the battery.

A: When your ION-Sei toothbrush is new, it might happen that it is a little bit difficult to attach the brush head at the beginning and it appears very tight. After repeated use, it will become easier to attach the brush head.

A: The small barb inside the brush head might be damaged or broken. Please have the toothbrush and brush head checked by a specialist dealer or contact us.【advice】When attaching and removing the brush head of the ION-Sei, it is important that the brush head is always attached and removed straight (directly from “top” to “bottom”). The “clicking” sound when attaching the brush head is a good indicator to check if the brush head has been properly fixed. Please make sure that you do not “twist” the brush head when putting the brush head on and off – this could lead to the small barb inside the brush head being damaged or broken and the brush head attachment no longer being fixable.

A: Please be sure to use the adapter ION-Sei offers. ION-Sei’s AC adapter is proved to be water resistant(IPX4) for your safety.


A: Please consult with the dentist (doctor) in advance before using.

A: Due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, your body might be more sensitive towards the micro current, which may cause discomfort. Please consult with the dentist (or doctor) in advance before using.

A: Normally, you can use the ION-Sei safely when having braces. However, we recommend you to consult your dentist (doctor) in advance before using.

A: The UV light from the ION-Sei toothbrush is not harmful for your health. ION-Sei has tested the effect of its UV light on the human body based on IEC62471, and the results have shown that the UV light does not have a harmful effect on the human body.

A: No, the amount of ions which are released during the use is so small that the titandioxide broad per se will not be “depleted” at one point.

A: Dried Toothpaste and water residue is easy to remove with a wet towel without using any cleaners. We recommend to clean the titandioxide broad regularly, to keep it clean.

A: You can use the ION-Sei safely with toothpaste, as it does not affect the ionic technology at all.

A: The UV-LED technology per se does not have an antibacterial or whitening/bleaching effect.