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A: Your rechargeable battery might be empty. Please make sure to charge the rechargeable battery fully before using.

A: Your ION-Sei toothbrush’s head might be not attached properly. Please try to remove the brush head, then again it correctly and attach firmly as far as it will go.

A: An electric toothbrush works differently than an ordinary toothbrush. If you are a first user, take some time to get used to your electric toothbrush. Please follow a brief period of use. This effect should no longer be felt.

A: It’s a normal automatic function, information to change quadrants (see the page 10 of instruction manual).

A: It has no charging current. Please check whether both USB cable plugs are mechanically secured. Plug the charger into the socket. If the USB socket from a different device is used, switch the device on.

A: It might be a charger or rechargeable battery faulty. Please have the charger checked by a specialist dealer or contact us.

A: Your ION-Sei toothbrush should last 2-3 weeks when standard brushings are 2x/day with a fully charged battery. You do not have to charge your ION-Sei toothbrush on a daily basis.

A: We recommend you to replace your ION-Sei brush head after 3 months of use. Based on brushing twice a day for 2 minutes each session.

A: Please watch this instruction video how to remove the battery.


A: Please consult with the dentist (doctor) in advance before using.

A: You can use the ION-Sei safely during your pregnancy.

A: Normally, you can use the ION-Sei safely when having braces. However, we recommend you to consult your dentist (doctor) in advance before using.

A: The amount of UV-LED generated in the ION-Sei is quite low (as much as in the atmosphere) and not harmful for your health. Our UV-LED technology makes it possible to obtain a photocatalytic effect even in an environment without UV light (a dark place or a place with LED lightening).

A: No, the amount of ions which are released during the use is so small that the titandioxide broad per se will not be “depleted” at one point.

A: Dried Toothpaste and water residue is easy to remove with a wet towel without using any cleaners. We recommend to clean the titandioxide broad regularly, to keep it clean.

A: You can use the ION-Sei safely with toothpaste, as it does not affect the ionic technology at all.

A: The UV-LED technology per se does not have an antibacterial or whitening/bleaching effect.